How Can this Information Help Me?

Decision Makers

As leaders, you are tasked with balancing a space for creative and productive problem solving, keeping critical systems stable, and delivering new value.  Consider also that the Center for American Progress has estimated the cost of replacing an employee to be around 20% of their annual salary (pdf).  Release Cadence Report exists to replace anecdotal evidence with clear, empirical data on the relationship of Release Cadence with employee satisfaction, market capability, and organizational practices. With it we expect you to create the most appropriate organization for you, your employees, and your customers.

Developer and Team Members

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your software used as it was intended.  This Maker’s Curse is predicated upon both building the correct software and delivering software to users for feedback in real situations.  Release Cadence Report is intended to provide the data team members need to collaborate with stakeholders in devising the most appropriate release cadence necessary to navigate the path to the right product by delivering frequently enough for you and your customers.

What is Release Cadence?

Release Cadence refers to the rhythm or cadence of a development organization’s deployment of software.  Traditionally, development organizations have employed long periods of time between software deployments for various reasons.  In recent years, we’ve seen examples of development organizations leveraging different, often very frequent, deployment cadences as a competitive advantage. The question becomes, what is appropriate for your organization?


Release Cadence Report was created by Ryan Cromwell after years of watching organizations’ Agile initiatives struggle.  He believes that by providing development teams and decision makers with information about the impact of Release Cadence, organizations can improve the state of Agile and the software industry as a whole.


What is the Release Cadence Report?

The Release Cadence Report exists to clarify and quantify the relationship between organizations’ deployment capabilities with organizational factors such as:

  • Market Capability
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Organizational Composition
  • Methodologies & Frameworks
  • Patterns, Practices, and Techniques