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There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your software used as it was intended. This Maker’s Curse is predicated upon both building the correct software and delivering software to users for feedback in real situations. Release Cadence Report is intended to provide the data team members need to collaborate with stakeholders in devising the most appropriate release cadence necessary to navigate the path to the right product by delivering frequently enough for you and your customers.         Read more...

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    Open March 4th, 2013, complete the Release Cadence Report survey and receive insight into where you rank in the world of software release cadence and learn how to improve your capability.

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    We are looking to collaborate with organizations and individuals to enhance the software development industry's capability using the patterns found in the Release Cadence Report.

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    Release Cadence refers to the rhythm of a development organizations' deployment of software to customers. Learn how the Release Cadence Report correlates this with industry trends.

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